If you are thinking about selling a home in Middle TN there could not be a better time! The real estate market in Middle TN has rebound and homes are selling fast. In fact in many areas of Middle TN there is a shortage of homes to sell. This is what is called a seller’s market. Selling a home right now is to the sellers advantage.

What happens in a seller’s market? Lot’s of activity for one thing! Buyers are out in force trying to find the perfect home. Often buyers run into multiple offer situations and the result of that is very good for the seller. When in a multiple offer situation the seller usually receives the asking price or better on their home. While it is a normal thing in our market for the buyer to ask for closing costs this is becoming less so due to the demand for homes. Buyers just can’t afford to lose a home by asking for too much.

If you are ready sell a home in Middle TN please get in touch! I can help you get it listed and get it sold. Whether you are upgrading your home or downsizing contact me and I will tell you what we can do to fulfill your real estate needs!

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