Buying a Home in Spring Hill, TN (What You NEED to Know)

The real estate market in Middle TN has been on fire over the last several years. One town in particular in Middle TN has been even hotter: Spring Hill, TN. Spring Hill’s growth over the last few years has been growing at an extreme velocity. I’ve been a Spring Hill resident since 2007 and before that was in Columbia in 1993. I’ve seen the area grow and change and the bulk of the growth is because it is a great place to live. If you are considering moving to the area and buying a Home in Spring Hill, TN here’s what you NEED to know.

Buying a Home in Spring Hill, TN

(What You NEED to Know)

Spring Hill is in Two Counties

Spring Hill straddles the line between Williamson and Maury Counties. The dividing line is right around the Spring Hill Memorial Funeral Home on HWY 31 and toward the North side of Port Royal Rd. Because we are in two counties there can be a lot of nuances when you buy a home. The two counties have different property taxes, different sales taxes, different school systems, and different governments. The City of Spring Hill has their own government and taxes as well but no school system and oversees boundaries in both counties.

The Story of the Seedy Side

Years ago the flower shop on HWY 31 posted a sign on their marquee. It simply said “Welcome to the Seedy Side.” The flower shop is located just south of the Spring Hill Funeral Home on the very North side of Maury County. It was a play on words with the flower shop relating to seeds because of the flowers and being just over the county line from Williamson. The little joke spurred social media posts galore over the years of differing opinions. Those who know of the origin don’t think anything about it but those who don’t know often take offense if living on the Maury County side. 

Spring Hill’s Northern Border is Thompson’s Station

The two communities of Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station are tough to differentiate sometimes. The homes blend seamlessly together in many neighborhoods but have different post offices. Thompson’s Station is in Williamson County also so it doesn’t create any confusion regarding the schools.

Spring Hill Traffic and Road Construction

Due to the growth in the area we have been constantly under construction somewhere. For the last couple years Depot St. has been the project of note with it’s widening. There are some other HUGE projects coming up in the future. A new interstate exit is coming that will connect I65 to Buckner Rd and Buckner Ln. Buckner Rd will need to be widened and a whole development of shopping, housing, and business development will occur in an area known as the Alexander Farm. The interstate exit is sorely needed to make a more convenient way for commuters to access I65.

On the other side of town there is work being done on Beechcroft Rd and a new access point to Saturn Parkway (396). Spring Hill was home to the Saturn Car company years ago (which changed back to GM) and now has many part supplier companies in the area. The 396 extension will provide a better way for the trucks to these companies to get in and out as well as provide better access for homeowners on the west side of Spring Hill.

As a home buyer moving to Spring Hill you need to know where all this construction is happening. It can have a significant effect on your property values and resale. Especially if your home is in a future development area and could potentially lose yard due to the expansion of roadways.

Spring Hill Traffic

Yes the traffic can be a pain. Our infrastructure wasn’t made for the 40k+ people who now live here. Of that 40k there may only be 3k original residents here. Most of the people who live in Spring Hill commute northward to Franklin or Nashville for work. There are some who are fortunate and get to go other directions against the grain to Columbia and Lewisburg but you can expect traffic to be a challenge in the mornings and evenings.

Traffic has improved since they expanded I65 down to I840 but they really needed to continue I65 all the way to Saturn Parkway. All that being said, if you leave early you can make it to work just fine on a normal day. Sometimes leaving just a few minutes off can mean 5 times that in traffic time.

Daytime traffic isn’t that bad except on Saturday’s and Sunday afternoon when everyone is home for the weekend. If you can work from home, are retired, or don’t have to commute you won’t have any issues with traffic. There is talk of widening HWY 31 in the future.

What Kind of Homes are in Spring Hill?

There are a handful of older style ranch homes but the vast majority of Spring Hill was built since the 90’s. There are custom home neighborhoods like Autumn Ridge, Cherry Grove, The Arbors at Autumn Ridge, and a few other areas where custom homes were built. There are production builders that have built here as well in recent years. The newer construction tends to be on a .3 acre lot or smaller.

Home in Autumn Ridge Spring Hill TN
Custom Home Built in the Autumn Ridge neighborhood.

Outside of town you have some areas with homes on 1 acre sides. Neighborhoods like Oak Lake Estates (where I live), Mathis Valley, and Stonegate. Those neighborhoods are on the south side of Spring Hill along Greensmill Rd and Mahlon Moore Rd. You can find other 1 acre lot subdivisions along Beechcroft Rd and Carter’s Creek Pike. Some of those have Columbia addresses but really feel more like a part of Spring Hill than Columbia due to their proximity.

Spring Hill has a lot of Great Parks

Our local city government has placed an emphasis on parks for our enjoyment. Port Royal Park is a great one with a walking trail, ball fields for football and soccer, a splash pad, tennis/basketball courts, lots of parking, and pavilions for picnicking. Evans park is next to the softball and baseball fields in town. One of our favorite walking parks is along Kedron Rd (pronounced KEE dren) called Erwin Park.

The walking park at Erwin Park in Spring Hill, TN

What else do you NEED to Know about Buying a Home in Spring Hill? There’s a lot of great people here. Innovative business owners, families, extended families, locals, and people from all over the country. It really is a great place to live and grow in spite of its issues. I know I haven’t covered everything in this short article so if you have a question please ask! My phone number is below and you can find me on my Facebook Page here: Dave Townsend, REALTOR®.

If you are considering buying a home in Spring Hill these are some of the things you need to know (At least from my perspective as a local real estate agent and local resident.) I would love to help you find you home if you are considering Middle TN. Please give me a call or text at 931-808-6808 and we’ll talk!