Buying a Landlocked Property (Land)

In a Facebook group I am in someone posted a land buying question about a landlocked property. A land locked property has no easement or access to the property from a road. Buying a property like this would present some unique challenges. If your intent was to build a home on the property you would have no way to get building materials, construction equipment, or utilities to the property. If it was for another purpose like farming or harvesting timber you would need permission from your neighbors to access your own land. It would also be hard to sell as a land locked property.

What can you do to buy a landlocked property?

Before you seriously consider the property purchase talk to the neighbors and see if you can work out an easement or even better, road access. That could involve purchasing the easement or swapping land from the property to compensate them. If you need to build a home many municipalities have a minimum width on the easement for building. Check with local building and zoning codes departments to make sure you know what you need.

What is the Purpose of the Land?

With any land property (not just landlocked property) you have to know if that land will suit your purposes. Will it perk for the bedrooms you need? Is the soil suitable for growing crops or raising animals? Are there sinkholes present that make building challenging? Is it in a flood plain? What easements and restrictions are on the property? Has there ever been a survey? If not you need to get one!

Get A Real Estate Agent

If you have never purchased land before, or even if you have, you should have a confident adviser (aka Real Estate Agent) along with you to guide you through the problems. Let me know if I can help you here in Middle TN with land or homes!
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