Farm and Garden Real Estate Services

When looking for land for farming or garden operations its important that you choose an agent who is knowledgeable about your needs. There are a lot of aspects and concepts involved in farming whether conventional or organic including the soil itself, locations for animals, fencing, what kind of structures you will need, building locations for housing, and room storage buildings. There are also concerns to watch out for with usable land space for crops or livestock, rocky soils, forest land, and hidden resources that the land may have.

How Can I Help with Starting Your Farm Business?

As an active gardener and garden writer/blogger I worked for years in the dirt growing food for my family to eat, plants for us to grow, and even sold at farmers markets. I’ve had successes and failures and I’ve learned a lot along the way. In the past I’ve worked with major companies like Lowe’s and Troy-bilt in marketing campaigns and managed local farmers markets but today I’m a real estate agent with a passion for finding land for my clients that they can use to grow their farms and businesses. As a real estate agent I’ve helped people purchase mini-farms, daylily farms, homesteads, building lots, as well as natural forests for investments. I’ve also worked as a land scout for development opportunities for builders and helped in sales with new construction projects (Autumn Ridge).

Create the Farm Business Plan

I want to help you evaluate your potential needs, your goals, and help you create a plan to get there. That is the MOST important thing – The Plan. Your farm business plan needs to take into account as many factors as possible to help you meet those future goals. Cost is one major factor, but growing spaces, building locations, and local regulations are as well. While keeping the goal in mind we can brainstorm all these factors and find farmland that matches your dream as closely as possible.

Farming isn’t easy, but together we can make your dream happen.

Farm and Garden Real Estate Services Offered:

  • Locating land or farms
  • Connecting with Builders
  • Connecting with Agricultural Extension Agents
  • Farm to Table Information
  • Building Site Locations
  • Garden and Crop Evaluating
  • Project Idea Planning
  • Networking with Professionals in the Field
  • Farmers Market Info
  • Research

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(Dave Townsend, Realtor® Keller Williams Realty – The Gillig Group)