The phrase “expect the unexpected” always applies to real estate! From day to day you never know quite what you will run into when on a home search. In a lot of ways that is what is exciting about it. What new gem of a house are you going to see? What perfect piece of paradise will you find? Of course surprises can be negative as well. There are more than a few run down houses that haven’t been taken care of disguised as bargains when in realty they are more likely to be money pits. You see a lot when out on a home search!

Recently I ran across something a little more cuddly. When touring a home with land we found these cute little kittens hiding in an outbuilding. The property had goats and chickens too but really it’s tough to win against the cuteness of these little kittens.

Kittens at a farm in Middle TN


Searching for a home can be hectic, but it’s always nice to take a moment and enjoy the surroundings and explore!

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