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How Much Is My Home Worth?

Homes for sale in Kings Chapel Arrington TN How much is my home worthEvery home owner wonders “How much is my home worth?” It’s a valid question your home may be the biggest financial investments you’ve made. Many factors can influence how much your home is worth. Below is an easy to fill out form designed to tell me more about the features of your home. Fill the home valuation form and I will get back to you with an approximate market value for your home. Then we can schedule an in person valuation so we can nail down the best price to market your home. There’s no obligation!

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What factors determine the value of a home?

  • Recent sales in your real estate market.
  • Location – are you in a highly desired area?
  • Upgrades and updates you may have made to your home.
  • Age of the roof
  • Types of siding.
  • Acreage
  • School systems
  • Local economy
  • Age of the home

Those are just some factors that may influence your home value. As always the value you can sell your home for will be whatever the market will support. You may want or need a certain sale price to meet your goals but the market may not be able to support that value. That’s why a thorough analysis of the market is important, it can help you determine if now is the right time to sell.

How much is my home worth?

I can find out for you. Through a comparative market analysis I can help you find a range of values in which your home should sell. Fill in the form above and let me know some of the details of your home and I can help you with a FREE market analysis. Be as complete as you possibly can. Include the bedrooms, bathrooms, acreage, upgrades you have made to the home, age of the roof, age of hot water heater, age of the HVAC system, and anything else you believe may be useful for determining the home value.

A Special Note: Always determine a home price/value based on recommendations from a licensed real estate agent. They should be familiar with your area. Online websites that claim to be able to offer you a “estimate” are not aware of the special features of your home and may not have all the information necessary to give you accurate figures. Often their comps us incorrect neighborhoods and pricing. A local real estate agent will know the market, its trends, and be able to more accurately predict the possibilities for your home in order for you to achieve the maximum value possible in your real estate market!

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