How to Still Find a Home During the Corona Virus

With the Corona virus here in Tennessee there is a lot of fear and anxiety. It’s inturrupted our normal lifestyles and prevented us from doing a great number of things. We have to adjust. We have to find ways to accomplish our goals that don’t expose ourselves or others to necessary risks. As real estate agents in Middle TN we still have buyers needing housing and a challenge in front of us, but we can get it done. We can find homes for those who need them and here’s how.

How to Safely Find a Home During the Corona Virus

Contact your Real Estate Agent First

Begin with your agent. If you need one call me but the reason is your agent will know good lenders and can start looking for you. Your real estate agent can begin the research part of the home search. Your REALTOR® should also be able to connect you with a good lender who is keeping up with the current ever changing mortgage arena.

Contact the Lender

Get your real estate agent’s recommended lender and get in touch. Get all of your documents in as fast as possible so that you can be pre-approved. Your lender can then stand ready for after when you get a house under contract and when you want to lock in your rate. They will keep an eye on the fluctuating rates and lock it down when it gets where you want it.

Hunt for Homes Online

Now is the time for you to look on the internet for your home options. Get your criteria together and scan the listings to see what you can afford.

Drive By The Top Homes

When you have a few good home candidates do a drive by. Visit them from the safety of your car and see what you think of the exterior and check the neighborhood and make sure it has what you want in it. Check into the schools or the drive for your commute and make sure the home checks as many boxes as possible.

Virtual Home Tour

After you have a really strong candidate for your next home you can have your real estate agent do a virtual tour. With technology as it is today you can get a very good idea of what the interior of a home looks like through video. It can be live or recorded.

Schedule Your Home Tour

If everything else looks great then now is the time to set up a home tour for yourself. Check it out and if you like it move to the next step!


Your contract can be done 100% online. Video chat or phone chats with your agent can help answer any questions about contract language.

Home Inpections, Appraisals, and Closings

Home inspections can still be done by home inspectors with precautions. Appraisals are now being done as drive by appraisals, and closings are almost completely virtual. With closings there are a few documents that need to be signed by hand (notarized) but all the rest can be e-signed.

We can still get you a home during the corona virus, it just looks a little different. We are stepping up our game as real estate providers and are ready to get you where you need to be. Give me a call when you are ready. I’m here to help you get into your next home! 931-808-6808 (Dave Townsend REALTOR®)