There can be a lot of reasons why you need to sell a home in the fall or winter. Maybe you’ve just gotten a new job or been transferred. There could be a family need that requires you to move to be near relatives. Or maybe you just seen your dream house hit the market and you need to list yours before you can buy it. Whatever the reason is it’s fall you need to sell your home, but is it a good time to sell? There can be many reasons why fall is in fact a GREAT time to sell a home.

Buyers are SERIOUS about Buying

First think about the buyers who are in the market for a new home right now. They are serious buyers who have a need. In many cases they can’t wait for spring to find a place to live. They may have gotten a new job and have to be there by a certain date. It’s very common for people to start new careers right after the holidays. January is a common time for people to start those new jobs. If you go back 30-45 days to allow time for a closing we’re looking at November for contract dates and maybe even a few weeks before that for showings. The buyers may also want to be in the house before Christmas to give them time to settle into the new home which will push things even a little earlier.

Opportunities for Staging Your Home

When potential buyers come to your home in the spring hopefully they will see a nicely staged home. If they come to your home in the fall they may see a finely decorated holiday masterpiece! The buyers will look at the home and see how wonderful it could be to live there during the holiday season. Fall decor can enhance the natural festive feelings we all experience during the fall holidays. It evokes a mood in the mind of the buyer and starts them thinking about what they would do if they were living there.

Beautiful Weather to Buy or Sell!

Fall weather can be beautiful for showing homes whether you are the buyer or seller. The cooler weather of fall is much more pleasant to be in and being outdoors more

Less Competition to Sell a Home

If you are selling a home in the fall you will have less competition. Because so many people think that fall isn’t a good time to sell there aren’t as many homes on the market. That makes it harder on those serious buyers to find what they need. Listing your home in the fall may actually turn out to be an advantage for you since other homes that they could buy aren’t on the market.

If you have the need to sell a home this fall don’t let the season stop you from giving it a try. There are lots of reasons why fall can be a good time to sell a home and you may find that it will work out even better than in the spring!


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