More Spring Hill Developments Coming Soon

homes and developments coming soon in Spring Hill TNOur real estate market is as busy as ever! Because of that builders and developers are looking to create new subdivisions all over Middle TN. Here in Spring Hill we have quite a few new projects that have gone before the City Planning Commission for approval. The following list contains some of the subdivisions that are in the works. These following were taken from the minutes and agendas of the planning commission meetings over the last two months. The status of these Spring Hill developments can change from month to month.

February 12th Developments for Approval

  • Windstead Manor – 11.30 acres for 16 single family lots.
  • Hardin’s Landing Section 3 – 24.13 Acres for 72 single family residential lots.
  • Campbell Station – 5.81 Acres for 96 condominiums.
  • Old Kedron Rd. – John Maher Builders – 88.6 Acres, sketch plan approval for 768 multi-family units.

March 12th Developments for Approval

  • Wades Grove Section 18A – request for final approval – John Maher Builders – 37 single family residential lots.
  • Wades Grove Section 18B – request for final approval – John Maher Builders – 42 single family residential lots.
  • New Port Executive Condos – 13.1 Acres – sketch plan approval of 192 multi-family residential units.
  • Shadow Ridge – 88.6 acres – site plan approval of 768 multi-family units (same as Old Kedron Rd. development from February 12th developments)
  • Cherry Grove Addition Phase 7 Section 2 – 5.45 Acres for 16 single family residential units.
  • Beechcroft Subdivision – concept plan for 126 single family residential lots.


To stay informed on all these developments be sure to attend the planning condition meetings or check the agendas and minutes regularly for Spring Hill!