Why People Are Moving to Tennessee from California

It’s no secret that a lot of people are moving to Tennessee. Nashville and surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee have seen a tremendous boom in the housing market. Many of these people are coming from other states that have a much higher financial burden. California is one state that has many residents crossing the country to come to Tennessee. So why is that? Why are people moving to Tennessee from California? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons!

No State Income Tax

Tennessee is one of very few states that does not have a state income tax. Every now and then it pops up as a suggestion but instead of a state income tax we have a higher sales tax. If you look at the widest income bracket ( $52,612.00 and $268,750.00 ) in California you will see that Californians would pay 9.3% of their income in this price range plus an additional
$2,316.43 based on the lower tax brackets. At the low end that would be a total of $7,209.35 and at the high end would be $27,310.18.

If you take the $7209.35 and apply that to your monthly house payment that becomes and extra $600.78 you can pay. On the high end that becomes $2,275.85 which for a lot of Tennessee homes is the entire house payment, property taxes, and insurance! You need to consult your tax accountant to find out what you would save as the Federal Taxes may be adjusted as well.

Think about how much house can you afford now that you can keep more of your own money!

Lower Home Prices

In many areas of California people are paying a huge amount of money for houses. I helped some clients a year and a half ago purchase land here in Tennessee to build a house on. They had a home in California to sell. It was a ranch home of moderate size (less that 2000 SQFT) and it sold for around $1.2 Million. $1.2 Million dollars is a lot of money here in Tennessee to spend on a house. You would pay considerably less for the exact same SQFT home in Tennessee.

Here’s a look at what you could afford for $1 Million to $1.2 Million in Tennessee.

Living in Tennessee

High Quality of Life in Tennessee

Depending on where you live in Tennessee the quality of life can be very high. We have a number of great hospitals, schools, shopping, and other important factors people investigate when moving to a new state.

State and city parks are plentiful. Our rural nature is still present in many cities and towns with farmers markets, CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture), and Farm to Table restaurants. Tennessee even has a number of vineyards that support agri-tourism.

Professional sports have been big over the last several years with the Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators. We also have something no one else can lay claim to : country music! Nashville isn’t called Music City for nothing!

Photo taken near sunset on one of our evening walks at Jerry Erwin Park (Kedron Walking Trail) in Spring Hill, TN

The Tennessee Climate

Tennessee has seen a growing population of retirees which I believe is partially due to the climate. The winter temperatures are rarely severe and tend to stay in the 40’s for most of the winter. Snowfall is minimal with 2-3 events per year. Typically snow events in Tennessee last for a day and the roads are clear 24 hours later. Even in the winter we can have mild days reaching the 60’s and higher.

Our summers can be hot and humid but spring and fall are breathtaking! A ride though the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee in the Spring will find all sorts of blooming trees coloring the landscape. In the fall the leaves in the Smokies can’t be beat! Check out Cades Cove for a fun day in the Smokies in the fall.

Moving to Tennessee

If you are considering moving to Tennessee within the next year or so give me a call and find out more. As a realtor in the southern Middle Tennessee area I enjoy sharing and researching information for my clients. Also consider scheduling a trip here to find out more about the area and why moving to Tennessee might be perfect for you!

For Middle TN Real Estate Contact Dave Townsend, Realtor® Keller Williams Realty – Spring Hill, TN

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