Old Homes for Sale in Tennessee

Old homes are something special. They have a unique character that represents the eras of times gone by. They can be a masterpiece of creativity for a designer or a history buff who values the past. Often old homes are better designed for functionality. They were built in times before air conditioning and many older homes were designed with an excellent air flow to reduce the impact of the southern summers here in Tennessee.

Location, Location, Location!

Many historic homes were built close to town and offer a convenient lifestyle where you can walk to all the shopping you need. Today the classic architecture and convenience to shopping have factored into the creation of many newer neighborhoods. Other old homes are on farmsteads that have been in families for generations and have cultivated land surrounding the home.

Disadvantages of Buying an Old Home

The main disadvantage to buying an old or historic home is the amount of work that goes into maintaining one. Codes were different then and many systems that were built into the house no longer represent the best practices of building a home. Electrical and plumbing systems may need to be completely replaced in order for them to be safe for operation. It’s also possible that an old home may have lead paint or asbestos. Don’t let the potential problems discourage you though, just plan ahead financially! Create a list of the possible problems that could occur and factor that in to your decision before you buy an old home.

Old and Historic Homes in:

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