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Real Estate Services for Home Builders

Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with a number of great home builders. If you are in need of building a new relationship with a real estate agent to help build your business please read on and find out what I can do for you.

Real Estate Services for Home Builders

Client Management

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Custom Home in Autumn Ridge

As your agent I work with buyers and assist them throughout the home sale process. I manage timelines, communication, requests, purchase orders, perform negotiations and troubleshoot other issues that come up along the way. It’s important to me that I represent my builder clients with integrity because I know that your reputation starts on the front line. Every happy client tells other potential clients about their experience. My goal is to create a win win situation for my builder clients and their building clients.

Land Services

Through my new construction sales experience I am familiar with what your needs are regarding setbacks, septic systems, and building sites. The final determination of what can be done on a property will always up to the builder but I can act as a scout to help save your time. What I do is work with the buyers to find the right property and make sure it meets their needs before you spend any time and energy. Once we find the right property we get your thoughts before proceeding on a purchase contract.

Lot Location Services

You need a constant steady flow of projects in order to keep your business running. I actively seek out and work to find new developments, urban in fill lots, or rehab projects where you can create spec homes and project homes for clients.

Website Management

I have skills in CSS, SEO, content management, website design, and social media. I put those to work for our home builder clients to help builder their businesses. In today’s economy the internet is the primary starting place for most consumers. A strong presence online not only will build your business but will also make a great first impression. I can help build, manage, and improve your online presence.

Home Plan Evaluation

I’ve been through hundreds of homes over the years and can look at a home plan and help you with the design aspects and trends. What are buyers looking for today? What home features will help sell a spec home? How can an existing plan be laid out better? These are just a few of the questions we ask about each home plan. I interact with buyers and talk to sellers daily about homes and keep up to date on what people are looking for and how to develop a product that will be highly marketable.

Let’s Get in Touch

If I can help you with your present or future projects lets get together and talk!  Dave 931-808-6808

Every builder has different talents and needs. My goal as a real estate agent working for you is to help you attain your goals by filling in the gaps between you and the clients and assisting you with finding opportunities to grow your business.

Custom Home by Prominence Building Corp.

Builders I’ve worked with:

  • Bonner Builders
  • Clark Custom Homes
  • RG Custom Homes
  • Collier Homes of TN
  • Prominence Building Corp.
  • Landmark Builders
  • Zurich Homes