When you go to buy a piece of land one of the most important things to consider is what can you build on it? Do you need a certain number of bedrooms? That’s where soil tests come into play. A savvy seller will have already completed a soil test and can provide that to you. The soil test gives you information on how fast the soil perks on the land, or put another way is how quickly the water is absorbed into the soil. This is critical to know since the soil has to be able to contain the waster water from whatever home you intend to build.

Septic Perking and Resale Value

For resale value on your home I always recommend that buyer seek a minimum of a 3 bedroom perk site on the property. A home with anything less than 3 bedrooms is harder to sell. You cannot market a home for more bedrooms than the perk site allows. The more bedrooms your perk site is approved for the better for your home. You may only need 3 bedrooms today but in the future you may want to add a mother in law suite or additional bedrooms to the home.

Where to Get a Septic Permit

Once you have a perk test in hand it’s time to get a septic permit. The process is fairly simple in most counties. You fill out a form and provide the perk test results. You also need your property plat with a general idea of where the home will sit.  For more information on requirements and fees visit the State of Tennessee Dept of the Environment and Conservation.

Where to Find a Soil Consultant?

To find a soil consultant near you you can download this PDF file of Soil Consultants in Tennessee (Revised as of 4/25/2018).


Land for Sale in Maury County, TN

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