Our family has been going through some homeowner trials this week! We came back from visiting family over Thanksgiving in Mt. Juliet to discover our heating unit was on the fritz. I tripped the breaker and nothing happened but the HVAC unit continued to make a noise. After that we turned it off at the breaker again and called Tansil Heating and Cooling. Tommy came out and evaluated it. The blower came back on and he was able to rig up a temporary fix. It lasted for a few more hours and died again. The official Time of Death was between 1am and 4am Sunday morning. We could start the heating unit up by shutting the breaker off for a little bit but each time it would cut off after one heating cycle.

Living without an HVAC unit

Since then we’ve been running the house on two space heaters, cooking with the stone, doing laundry on high heat and anything else to maximize the warmth in the house. Fortunately it’s been beautiful out the last few days with lots of sunshine to warm us up! Tennessee has mild winters in general and we are grateful that we can manage for a few days without a whole home heating unit,

Time for the New HVAC unit

After it died we knew though that it was time for a new unit. The HVAC unit was original to the house which puts it around 13 years old. The AC needed charged every now and then but overall was running OK until now. The cost to continue to repair the unit would just be money down the drain. Eventually every system on a home needs replaced. This is one FACT of home ownership! Today we have a new unit being installed which no doubt will be more energy efficient than the one installed 13 years ago. A new unit can also be a great selling feature for a home. It won’t change the price of a home but when you have a newer unit buyers see it as a tremendous plus! Since the major systems on a home tend to be expensive they don’t see it as something they will have to spend money on for a long time.

The two major systems buyers look at first tend to be the HVAC and the Roof. Always make sure when selling that you are aware of any potential issues and what you might have to do to accommodate a buyer. If it’s an old HVAC unit that is in good condition a home warranty might be a great option to offer the buyer. To get the maximum value for your home and the market the house needs to have all the systems in tip top shape!

As always if you would like me to evaluate your home to see what needs done in order to sell please give me a call! (931-674-1727)